About Us

db audioware is a media technology company based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Audio Software

Professional audio software is our original speciality, particularly the design and build of high performance audio engines and audio plug-ins.

db audioware audio software is used by musicians, sound engineers, broadcasters and educators; it works around the clock in thousands of studios and radio stations worldwide.  As well as our own range of audio technology products, we have provided consultancy services to some of the biggest names in the audio world.

For more information on db audioware audio products and services, please visit our main company website www.db-audioware.com.

Lighting & Show Control Software

Since 2010, we have developed a range of lighting and show control software.  DMXIS, our first lighting product, was created for solo musicians and bands who want to add an automated light show to their act (without having to employ a lighting engineer).  Subsequent products have continued to support the growing number of live performers empowered by the LED lighting revolution, as well as offering innovative new tools to lighting professionals working on full-scale theatrical productions and architectural projects.

For more information on db audioware lighting and show control products, please visit www.dmxis.com.

Education Software

In 2009, we released Sounds Active Essential Sound Engineering, a unique interactive package that teaches the fundamentals and techniques of sound recording and production.  Designed for schools and colleges, it has effectively become a national standard teaching resource in our home territory of Scotland, but is used throughout the UK and as far away as Australia, in a variety of educational settings.

For more information on Sounds Active, please visit www.soundsactive.com.


Our Team

  • Dave Brown, Director & Technical Lead.  Dave manages the company, and is the technical architect behind every db audioware product.  He writes code as fast as he can for the remainder of his free time.
  • Brian Duncan, Marketing, Education Specialist.  As well as handling the sales/marketing side of our business, Brian works closely with our education customers on specialist products like Sounds Active.


Company Registration

db audioware limited is a UK limited company, registered in Scotland
Company Registration Number: SC216136.

Registered Address (not our postal address – see Contact page):

db audioware limited
91 Alexander Street
United Kingdom



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