Essential Sound Engineering

Sounds Active Essential Sound Engineering is a software package that teaches the fundamentals and techniques of sound recording and production.  Its unique interactive content gives students hands-on experience of all the concepts they need to understand in order to make great recordings.

Designed as a teaching resource for student use in schools and colleges, Sounds Active ESE is also used in universities, higher institutions and by educational charities.  In addition, it has proved to be a convenient and powerful CPD tool for teachers who are looking to improve their audio recording or music technology skills.

Our short introductory video explains what it’s all about:

An interactive masterclass taught by Iain Massey

Iain MasseySounds Active ESE is presented as an extended masterclass taught by Iain Massey.  Formerly a lecturer at the University of Strathclyde and pioneer of its renowned BA Applied Music programme, Iain is one of Scotland’s most respected experts in the field of music technology education.

The masterclass follows the workflow of a simulated recording project, carefully structured for maximum educational impact.  It assumes no prior knowledge of the subject, but covers everything from the basics of sound, acoustics and audio equipment to the finer points of recording, processing and mixing.

Sounds Active ESE features:

  • Comprehensive in-depth instruction with an easy tutorial style
  • A complete toolkit of fully operational virtual studio equipment
  • A step-by-step simulated recording project
  • A rich blend of theory and practice

A powerful way to learn useful skills

In a practical subject like sound engineering, students learn by doing, and learn best with guidance from an expert supervisor.  Sounds Active ESE is like being in a well-equipped studio with a resident engineer who is happy to take the time to explain things.  It provides extensive hands-on learning opportunities to build skills which are immediately transferrable to students’ other coursework and assignments, no matter what recording set-up or specific tools they will be using for real.

Easy to deploy

Sounds Active ESE is a standalone teaching resource which runs independently of your existing audio software. It does not require the use of any specialist audio hardware, and will happily run on ordinary Windows PCs or OS X Mac computers.  In fact the only additional recommended piece of equipment is a decent set of stereo headphones.

This means that Sounds Active ESE can be installed on any available computer, even on students’ and staff’s own machines (with a Sounds Active Home Use / Site license).