Sounds Active for Schools

Sounds Active Essential Sound Engineering is specifically designed to meet the challenges of life in secondary schools.

With the advent of music technology courses, and other courses increasingly making use of audio technology, the need to teach practical sound recording and production skills is growing.  However, this is a highly specialised subject, requiring specialist equipment, and all too often teachers with only a passing familiarity are expected to teach it with the bare minimum of equipment.

Sounds Active ESE can help in a number of ways…

Don’t worry about the detail

It’s great if you are already an expert, but don’t worry if you’re not.  Sounds Active’s comprehensive content covers all the fundamental concepts that your students need to master.

Build confidence from day one

Recording studios can be intimidating places for beginners, but with its fully functioning virtual equipment and easy tutorial style, Sounds Active is a safe and friendly environment in which your students can hone their sound engineering skills first.

Avoid studio time becoming rehearsal time

Hands-on experience in the recording studio is essential, but access to this shared resource can be a problem.  Sounds Active lets your students learn the basics and develop their technique elsewhere, so their precious studio time can be as productive as possible.

Teach stuff you normally don’t have time for

There’s nothing quite so inspiring as a high-impact demonstration or experiment, but these take time to set up and clear away.  In Sounds Active, powerful illustrations of concepts and techniques are only a few clicks away, and can be repeated on demand at any time.

Just add headphones

Sounds Active runs on standard PCs and Macs, the only additional requirement being a decent set of stereo headphones.  Now every computer in your classroom (or computer lab) can be transformed into a well-equipped teaching studio.

Set your class homework

With a Home Use / Site license, your students can run Sounds Active on their own computers.  So now you can get them to prepare thoroughly for next week’s lesson in advance!


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